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Cedar shakes are handmade. Usually, one side of a cedar shake is purposefully left as a rough-hewn split from a large block of cedar wood. This natural surface texture gives cedar shakes their distinctive look. Most shakes are finished for uniformity by being cut with a power saw on the underside. This makes a nice level surface that helps with roof installations.

About this product


Straight split with no taper. Nominal lengths 18" and 24" with a 3/8" butt. This product is made with 100% edge grain and uses minimal corrugation and highest quality grains to be able to split on both sides. Commonly used on heritage projects. Roof exposure: 7½" for 18-inch shake; 10" for 18-inch shake. Wall exposure: 10" for 24-inch shake; 7½" for 18-inch shake

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